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Produced in 2016, "Sketches" is a puzzle of oneself.

From a musical modal seeking and a minimalist sense of sound, this album is a piece of work in "Solo Piano" that prints, from improvisation moments, encounters and loneliness, reflections and constant mutation of the environment where we live. 

These perceptions and knowledges transform this reality in lines and figures, as the beginning of a draw in a blank paper, bringing to life sounds and music.

"Sketches" Album cover art: Horacio Lorente



Recorded in 2007, "Antártida, silencio que agrieta el mar" (Antarctic, silence that cracks the sea), is a Soundtrack composed for an educational documental video which shows the activities that are conducted in Antarctica.

This album is the most characteristic example of the work developed by Ruben Nievas:

The Merger between the symphony orchestra elements and synthetic sounds, combined in a way that is almost impossible do not perceive a sense of dreamy images in the musical reality.

"Antártida, silencio que agrieta el mar" Album cover art: Laura Aguilera



Recorded in 2004, Frozen Dreams is an album that presents a subtle, complex and deep harmonic language development, mixing synthetic and natural sounds, going from melodic song to the symphonic style in its counterpoint and textures.

Here, You will find sounds and musical fusions such as Jazz, Classical and New Age,
that will get you on a journey through times, places and dreams as unknown as yours.

At the moment this album is not available online neither any other musical streaming.

Album cover art: Laura Aguilera











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