Produced in July of 2020, "Confinement" is an album composed during the 100 days of insolation and under Confinement policies about COVID-19.

This album is about my sensation and point of view on how these especial and unique circunstances of COVID-19 protocols afected the global systems, resourses and balance in our world.

We are all afected by this reality in some way; our projects, dreams, and plans, our way of living.

My album reflects in a narrative form, trough soundscapes and musical moments our way coping

It is my privilege that you enjoy it, as much as I enjoyed doing it while creating each piece of this insolation calendar.

"Confinement" Album cover art: Ruben Nievas

After a long process of composition, arrangement, technological changes, sound design and mixing, this much-loved musical work was completed this particular year. This album its about Jazz Fusion, Films music, World music, Tango, Classical, Hybrid orchestral and synthetic sound, many synth solos and self-built soundscapes; all the sounds are original sound design.

It is my desire to share with you some ideas of a great friend who listened several previews before they transformed into this album. Here you can read his perspective regarding my compositions.

"AWARENESS - excellent timing on the echo and background; beautiful melody; my you do well with radical change (as if the story moves into a challenge now resolved); sweet, broadening, gaining velocity; timely reflection of all that came before; AWARENESS
INTO THE NIGHT - Daytime fades into dancing; what great use of the drums (!); melodic phrasing makes sense (a song without words that makes sense); much to say here (interesting too); a song of many voices ends with a thump

THE LONGING FOR THOSE DAYS - pleasant days, care-free living; acoustic piano sings, others pick up the song; very helpful; [where is the longing, the Desire? ]; I appreciate those were beautiful days that are not lost

LABYRINTHINE - this simple path makes sense to me, I'm not perplexed or entangled; there is no complexity to this maze of flowers and sunshine and breezes; lovely melodies and developments couched in appealing backgrounds; I'm not lost or even challenged, just happy and thankful

CONCIENDO A ANTONIA - I feel an immediate kinship with Antonia; beautiful Antonia is not simple, as you so clearly explain; fine composition my dear friend

T4ng0 Y2k - as I listen intrigued by this piece, I am reminded or discussions I had with my mother: how do we look at Beethoven's 6th Symphony as the Pastoral or No. 6? Does Resurrection affect our experience of Mahler's 2nd? For the task at hand, I am just digging this piece.

Nicely done!
I appreciate who you are and what you do."

James R C Baker
Seattle, Washington

"Dawdled" Album cover art: Horacio Lorente Studio


Produced in June of 2019, "Circump0L4r" is an accomplishment fruit of a lot of effort.

This album is very special since it gathers sound aspects of our community and the place where we choose to live. Beyond the scientific studies that base behaviours and common grounds, the exposure to the environment, climate and extreme geography we face frequently give us a unique perpective.

This album, made entirely at home, in Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina, is a sample of this insularity that we live, that we suffer and shape us on a day-to-day basis. It is my desire to find images and stories in these musical and sound moments, to find memories and wishes.

It is my privilege that you enjoy this music, as much as I enjoyed doing it while creating each piece of this puzzle of moments.

"Circump0L4r" Album cover art: Ruben Nievas


Produced in 2016, "Sketches" is a puzzle of oneself.

From a musical modal seeking and a minimalist sense of sound, this album is a piece of work in "Solo Piano" that prints, from improvisation moments, encounters and loneliness, reflections and constant mutation of the environment where we live. 

These perceptions and knowledges transform this reality in lines and figures, as the beginning of a draw in a blank paper, bringing to life sounds and music.

"Sketches" Album cover art: Horacio Lorente


Recorded in 2007, "Antártida, silencio que agrieta el mar" (Antarctic, silence that cracks the sea), is a Soundtrack composed for an educational documental video which shows the activities that are conducted in Antarctica.

This album is the most characteristic example of the work developed by Ruben Nievas:

The Merger between the symphony orchestra elements and synthetic sounds, combined in a way that is almost impossible do not perceive a sense of dreamy images in the musical reality.

"Antártida, silencio que agrieta el mar" Album cover art: Laura Aguilera

Recorded in 2004, Frozen Dreams is an album that presents a subtle, complex and deep harmonic language development, mixing synthetic and natural sounds, going from melodic song to the symphonic style in its counterpoint and textures.

Here, You will find sounds and musical fusions such as Jazz, Classical and New Age,
that will get you on a journey through times, places and dreams as unknown as yours.

At the moment this album is not available online neither any other musical streaming.

Album cover art: Laura Aguilera






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