Meniere's disease is an invisible illness with devastating symptoms, and I am its prisoner. Forever.


December 31 is the 365th day of the year in the Gregorian calendar.


When daylight seems endless. 
My musical gift for you in this peculiar day.


Hey there! my new album "Dawdled" is coming soon!
There will be more details for you shortly
Thank you for listening!

The album:
Conceptually, this album was keyboards, MIDI Orchestration, Sound Design and my compositions. Strange and rare sound atmospheres, and sound leads whispering involved melody lines.

Horacio Lorente (Art Design/Art Director) is working on the cover art for this production. I am certain that his work, once again, would be amazing.

You can find there already is a sample to promote and share with you how the sound aspects will be like (I didn't include neither percussions nor melodies), and a huge progression of sound and tech which are part of "Dawdled".

I hope you like it. And remember: it's just a "Sample Promotion" :D

Thank you very much for your time to read me, and for listening this music eventually.


Hey there! How are you?

Let me tell you something awesome: my new album "Dawdled" is coming soon!

There will be more details for you shortly.
Thank you for listening!

"Dawdled" Credits:

Music: Ruben Nievas

Arrange, Sound Design and Programming:
René Ceballos & Ruben Nievas

Art: Horacio Lorente (who design my last album Sketches' art cover).

Horacio Lorente ::: Art Director



I would like you to meet Horacio Lorente, who design my last album Sketches' art cover.

Horacio Lorente ::: Art Director



"Your action expresses your priorities".


Hola, dejo para escuchar una playlist con ideas, conceptos y diseños sonoros que vengo realizando en los últimos meses. Espero les guste y los disfruten.

Mil abrazos




Producido en el año 2016, "Sketches" (Bocetos), es una busqueda "modal" en lo musical y desde un concepto minimalista en su tratamiento sonoro.

"Sketches" es un trabajo en "Solo Piano" que imprime desde la improvisación momentos, encuentros y desencuentros, relfexión y una mutación constante del entorno donde vivimos. Estas percepciones se hacen linea y punto, como trazos en un papel en blanco, creandose así mismas en el sonido del piano.
El material incluye sonidos grabados en directo que recrean paisajes sonoros de Tierra del Fuego.



Produced in 2016, "Sketches" is a puzzle of oneself. 
From a musical modal seeking and a minimalist sense of sound, this album is a piece of work in "Solo Piano" that prints, from improvisation moments, encounters and loneliness, reflections and constant mutation of the environment where we live. These perceptions and knowledges transform this reality in lines and figures, as the beginning of a draw in a blank paper, bringing to life sounds and music.


His new album, "Dawdled", is cooming soon...

"Sketches" Album cover art: Horacio Lorente

This album is now available Here







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